Eagle Scout Community Service Project

Organized and led by Pat Hastings IV

Doeskin Ranch, Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge

Community Service Project Goal: Plan, obtain materials, and lead the effort to construct two wooden footbridges to make the Pond and Prairie Trail wheelchair accessible and to improve access for all visitors as they cross a wet weather stream in two places. Also construct two rustic benches along the same trail for visitors to rest as they enjoy the quiet natural surroundings of the Doeskin Ranch section of the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge.

Planning Phase

Entrance to Doeskin Ranch from FM 1174 (one mile north of Cow Creek)


On the Pond and Prairie nature trail, looking south toward the lower-lying area where an intermittent stream is located (it flows into the pond) which needs the two handicapped-accessible foot bridges


Location for bridge #1 (from north side, looking south)


Location for bridge #1 (from south side, looking north)


Location for bridge #2 (from south side, looking north)


Location for bridge #2 (from north side, looking south)


Existing rustic bench. Two more just like it need to be constructed


Construction Begins

Cutting bench "legs" from a thick cedar log


Lunch break

Back to work, building a bridge foundation

More teamwork!

Another Day of Construction

Finishing a bridge foundation

Laying the decking

The project's court jester?!?

Adding toe-trips (low rails) to the sides of a bridge

The finished product! Bridge #1 is complete

Bridge #2 is complete

One of the workers is "complete" also

Finished bench #1

Testing bench #1  :-)

Finished bench #2

Testing bridge #2

Additional photos from construction crew workdays

(The following photos provided courtesy of Scoutmaster Reinarz)








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