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2003 "Hard Rock" Campout

Troop 77 - 2003 "Hard Rock" Campout
     Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

When: Friday, Jan. 17 through Sunday, Jan. 19, 2003
Where: Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, north of Fredericksburg
Details: We have two "walk in" (regular) campsites reserved (#2227747 & 2227748) for Friday night.  One is for Scouts and the other is for adults.  Late comers can park and carry their gear a short distance to the campsites.  We will be keeping the adult campsite for Saturday night.  We have three "primitive" (backcountry) campsites reserved (#'s 2227752, 7753, & 7754) for Saturday night.  These campsites require a short backpack in for Scouts and adults.
Uniform to wear at all times.  Class A or Scout T-shirt is ok.  A personal first aid kit, Boy Scout handbook, container for water, and water treatment is required.

$5 per person.  We do not need to pay entry fee.

Route: From Lago Vista, west on FM 1431 to Marble Falls, south on US 281 to Johnson City, west on US 290 to Fredericksburg, then north on FM 965 to park.  Driving time is approximately two hours.

Advisors in charge: Pat Hastings (267-2020)
Gary Frock (310-0514)